Stoves: What type is right for you?

Maybe you’re starting to equip a new home or think about renewing your appliances. The truth is that the stove is one of the most important elements. Learn about features, models and sizes of this appliance, so choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. We present you with the most common types. Which type of cooking stove you choose, in the end, is just a matter of preference.


Gas Stove

  • Heat source is natural gas
  • High efficiency gas
  • Short heating time
  • Wide range of heat settings
  • Sealed burners make cleaning easy
  • Pilotless ignition


Electric Stove

  • Heated through electricity
  • Cooktop and burner varieties
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes lights that indicate when the stove is hot


Induction Stove

  • General magnetic fields
  • High energy efficiency
  • Cold surface that prevents accidental burns
  • Requires induction-safe, magnetic cookware